Swapping integrated and discrete graphics

I’m sure I could figure this out myself as quickly as typing this, but I just got a laptop with integrated and discrete graphics and I would guess that V6 can’t gracefully handle if I hit the keyboard shortcut to swap what’s enabled?

Hi Jim - Let us know how it turns out! =)

I do not know, myself, I don’t have one of those here, but what we’ve been telling people is to switch the overall video for the machine to ‘high performance’ for use with Rhino. ( = always use the card, not the integrated support, don’t be smart about it ) on these machines.

@jeff - any more useful thoughts…?


Actually it turns out the shortcut just prompts a restart, so…yeah this can be deleted. It does seem to be currently using the discrete video “automatically” if that’s what they’re supposed to be able to do, it’s what Rhino sees anyway.