SVG Export with Texture

I want to export a black area as an svg in Rhino 8. To do this, I set the raster option in the export dialog. The black area is displayed in the preview. But it cannot be seen in the SVG file. If I switch back to Vector, the frame is displayed in the SVG file. But I need the filled area. I actually want to display a texture in the SVG, but I can’t get a filled area.

I use the original Rhino plugin (Export SVG Robert McNeel & Associates Version_ 8.6.24101.5001)

Does anyone have any ideas? Many thanks in advance Nils

The “black area” is what type of object? Solid hatches should export fine as SVG in vector. Pretty sure bitmap textures on a surface or mesh won’t.

Hello Helvetosaur,

Unfortunately I need a surface bitmap texture.
So in inkscape I simply embed bitmaps. I am now trying to do that in Rhino.
I can’t reproduce this with a graph because I have different color gradients.

I don’t think Rhino’s SVG export supports this (yet in any case).

Can you use gradient hatches? Support for them in SVG just got added in the latest SR.

Hello Helvetosaur,
So the background is that I am structuring a surface in the macro area with a laser. The laser software needs an SVG with small single bitmaps so that the laser scans the surface in a predefined sequence and intensity. The laser software is not designed for such small shapes, so it is not possible to create these objects by hand, or it would take a very long time. Therefore I try to import the many single bitmaps via the SVG. If you combine all the individual bitmaps into one large one, the laser scans the image line by line and the material is not formatted tile by tile.
The laser software cannot process hatchings with a gradient.