SVG export give 1KB empty files?


I am trying to export curves/lines from Rhino 6 to SVG format.
No matter what settings i use, I always get an empty 1KB svg file.
I can see the lines I want to export in the export preview window, but when I do the export itself, nothing is exported. I open these 1KB files in Illustrator or Affinity Designer, both show nothing.
Am I missing something?

I did some more digging and found out that if I copy the exact same curves to a new Rhino6 document and export from there it works…Anyone knows what bug this is?

Some additional details might be helpful to the developers:

What is the pedigree of the original file which produced the empty export? Created in the same Rhino 6 instance from which you tried to export? Created and saved from an earlier version of Rhino 6 then opened in the version that exported nothing? Imported from Rhino 5 or a different CAD program? If so what format was used?

When you copy the curves to a new document do you do this via a second instance of Rhino open at the same time as the source instance? Drag and drop?

Well, you get the idea.

You could also use my exporter to SVG but it works just in Rhino 5 and it will add a second exporter in rhino 6 menu. And no luck it is exactly the same wording !

The original geometry is created in Rhino 6 with Grasshopper.
I made a Make2D from the geometry and tried exporting it from there, the same rhino file.
No Rhino 5 was used here.

I then opened a second instance of Rhino 6 along and just copy/pasted the Make2D curves into the second instance and just used the Export command.

@Lauent, Thank you for the suggestion. I will give it a go.