"Suspending" Objects from a Tensile Mesh already solved with Kangaroo2, Requires double (Zombie) Solver solution?

After generating a tensile mesh net with a simple Kangaroo2 solver, I want to then “suspend” objects from the same net at given points defined by the MD sliders, as shown in the attached files. The difficulty that I am having is that my tensile net will not be flat, otherwise I could do an all-in-one solver solution like what’s shown in the first file (but suspended objects here act more like fixed ring beams because heights cannot be parametrically adjusted).

However, my net will be more dynamic vertically, and it seems like the net would have to be solved first in order to find the vertical position that objects will be hung from. I found another thread where Daniel Piker suggests avoiding a double solver script, but when it really is needed, to use the Zombie Solver for one of them in addition to a data dam between.

I am new to Kangaroo, although I saw an interesting K2 example file that used Galapagos (which I’m very unfamiliar with) along with the zombie solver. If I’m not mistaken, Galapagos seems capable of responsively, retroactively adjusting sliders at least, and I’m not sure if that would be helpful in my case, but I’m attaching it for reference for anyone who is more fluent with that workflow.
The script uses a few referenced Rhino objects, so I’m attaching that as well.

One more quick, hopefully trivial constraint: My second file has placeholder modules that I want to suspend from the net, and I would like to hang them flat with a circular top that the mesh converges around, which is why I’ve been trying to render the voids as round.

I hope that this is a fun challenge and thank you in advance for your feedback.

Catenary_galapagos.gh (16.8 KB) test void membrane 1.gh (22.6 KB) test void membrane 2.gh (39.6 KB)test void membrane 1.3dm (120.0 KB)