Survey: The Plugin that saves your life everyday

Hello everyone, reaching another huge Grasshopper milestone and doped with serotonin I would like to organize a tiny survey.

What is the plugin that saves your life everyday?

The plugin that makes you scream into the world I love you and makes you bother everyone you meet in the office with countless stories of huge danger… and victory!

Use this space to appreciate. And guide others… from the abyss of ignorace… into the light!



Oh, wait, there’s a Poll function? I guess I will start a Poll once we have a few answers. : )

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My champion of the light is


Three years of perfect marriage. Letting me Grasshopper the hell out of blocks, letting me batch bake stuff. I love you, Elefront. And forever will.


Elefront by far, without their vision and making these tools available – essentially open source – i would still be in the stone age, relatively speaking.

In fact they are the reason why i try and pay it forward, help others and look to share any additional workflows.

Too many marvelous scripts and abilities that rhino could have brought forward have faded away behind company firewalls or pay-to-play plugins.

FabTools also deserves an honorable mention. I don’t think people realize what it actually did/does.






Weaverbird and LunchBox are the must have.
Squid (PDF, bitmaps, etc) and MetaHopper (Bottleneck Navigator and automatization of selections/hide-show etc) are really useful.
Day saver: SnappingGecko!

I could have said ShapeDiver, but it wouldn’t be fair :smiley:

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Not really a plugin but without hesitation the ability to have access to Rhinocommon inside Grasshopper so be able to make my own script (C# + dll)

Dendro for working on meshes

Elefront for going to virtual to fabrication


I found Lunchbox quite practical. Before creating own patterns, pattern variations or mappings, I always quickly checked how their prefabricated grids worked on a shape. Usually I ended up modifying these ‘base’ patterns directly by script, since most of the time the Lunchbox default mapping method didn’t work well for many real world scenarios. But it was a huge timesaver in the initial stages of a project.

Furthermore Paneling Tools was useful, kind of a forgotten plugin. I liked the fact of using it directly in Rhino as well. Many times it didn’t need Grasshopper to apply a pattern on a shape.

Vanilla Grasshopper (incl. GHPython)


GHPython and Kangaroo2. Promoting them to native plugins has been pure :star_struck:


Definitely Human the most. I used to do most things with Elefront, but Human is a bit more flexible and has better baking imho.

Pancake is also great and I use it a lot.

@Dani_Abalde’s Sunglasses plugin is far superior to Bifocals for several reasons, the primary one for me being that it doesn’t add transparent groups to the GH file.


Pancake . I get emergency save whenever I crash.

Well there are many, I’d like to add a few more essentials:

  • Telepathy
  • Bowerbird for text that need to be engraved
  • Anemone
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GhPython , it’s not a plugin but i need it always.

Doesn’t Grasshopper autosave all the time, as long as your *.gh was manually saved first?

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try with Sunglasses plugin.

I did this plugin to make the autosave always available.

I don’t get crashes everyday, but when it happens it’s what keeps me from head-butting the keyboard, so it is a life saver.

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