Surphace morphing?


Anyone has any idea why this box morph command doesn’t work correctly. I cant find where is the problem with the volume of my reference bounding box. (647.1 KB)

Thanks in advance

On yourBounding Box–>RMB–> Check Union Box (646.2 KB)

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You are awsome!!

But… You need to look at why ‘Union Box’ is necessary here at all, when ‘Geo’ appears to be a single surface? The reason is that ‘Geo’ is a list of three surfaces, two of which are tiny fragments that should be ignored. The third one (the one you want to use) is a actually a brep, not a surface.

Thank you, Joseph!

So in case, I would use a ‘brep’ instead of ‘geo’ in this specific case it wouldn’t be necessary to check union box?

PS . I am really impressed with this forum and you guys. I am happy to be here!

‘Union Box’ is used when you want a box to enclose all items in a list/branch. If there is only one item in the list, it isn’t necessary. The problem isn’t the box, it’s that all three pieces will get morphed, including the two stray fragment surfaces.

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