Surfaces Will Not Join---Unless

I was trying to illustrate a problem I was having where green would not join red on a tangent. As I was trying to simplify the problem for posting here I ran into another problem: Red and Green would not joint at all.

MatchSrf? No error but it will not join.

But it was joining in my original

I so I added Blue to the example.

Problem (363.5 KB)

If I try to join (R+G) no joy
But if I join ((R+B)+G) it works.

Plus all the edges appear to be tangent, which was my original problem.

I am curious why R will not join to G.

Hello - it all joins ok here, but your green surface has a messy bit to clean up-

Probably something a little simpler will do-



The frames for creating green are in the file. I saw the funny thing in the corner and was wondering how that came about.

I created them using BlendCrv between curves intersecting the surface on either side.

Here’s a little discovery. I had thought that I had copied the tolerance from the source file to the destination file. Instead, it was the default 0.001 rather than the 1/128.

If the tolerance is 1/128, creating the surface using the curves in the file creates the funny extension on the curved edge.

If the tolerance is 0.001, the surface looks fine and joins.