Surfaces meeting each other

HI Guys, I’m new tom the forum so I thought I’d give it a go.

I’m facing this issue with various radii, that should meet eachother but without using ‘Patch’ I cannot seem to match them up. I know patch is a dodgy way of modeling and will not be of any use when used in other software.

Radii_to_meet.3dm (1.5 MB)

HOw would you approach such a problem?

Hello - you can build simpler surfaces in general than the have here - when a hole to fill is four sided, a patch is almost never the right tool - use more basic ‘four-sided surfacing’ tools - it looks like you might have been able to make fillets throughout and simplified the transitions, but as is, for this particular surface, it may be that a NetworkSrf will make something OK there.


Thank you for your reply, Pascal!

Unfortunately, I have also tried the NetworkSrf, but no satisfying results.
Will keep trying… :wink:
Anyone else any suggestions?

I’d fix your main surfaces first (especially the one facing the camera):

The shape seems to have a simple structure, based on straight extrusions, cutouts and fillets. Keep the structure as simple as possible as long as you can. Right now I see a mix of fillets, blends and patches.

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Hi Gijs, Thanks. Yes, I realize I need to rebuild the entire part… :frowning: