Surfaces from projected points

Hello everyone,

i am trying to find a panelling solution for a glass roof made of structural glazing as shown in the attached files.
Basically it´s a curved roof which should be built out of mostly equal parts - as shown.
What i´ve done so far - created the required raster by the length of two lines (L1 & L2)
Projected Points on Surface, which is defined by two lofted arcs that are adjustable at 3 points each.
I am struggling with the step on how to get the points to surfaces, which then should run through (maybe) kangaroo to find planar solutions for each surface.
Hope that my explanation is somehow clear and somebody can help me out!?
Best regards and thank you in advance,

Roof%20Structural%20Glazing%20Def%2002|690x429 3D Mesh and Pattern.pdf (469.7 KB)