Surfaces filleting problems

Hi there folks!
I have a different fillet to produce i mean usually we have the edge that we need to cut… that is a bit easier to fillet. The fillet I need today will add material to the 2/3 existing surfaces. I have a mesh/stl (green) which i use as example and
I need to produce the same kind of work in an easy way between the red surfaces (wall) and the floor surface (blue)
Is there a good way of doing this? Of course… I tried the Fillet between them… but I have several problems… the first is that Rhino Splits the Filleted surface just where is the smaller of both surfaces… after that it made those rolls inside… the second is that I doesn’t fillet on the left… and third problem… If i want to make the biggest fillet available… and it is variable… how does it produce?
(my bad result)
Any comments very appreciated!

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Hello - please post the object if you can, or send it to if it is confidential.