SurfaceFromPoints not working with closed loft-like surfaces

Hi, I’d like to manipulate the control points of a surface created from curves as a closed loft.

It seems that when deconstructing and reconstructing a closed loft surface using “Surface Points” and “Surface from Control Points” the seam is not created correctly - there is an overlapping area.

The same thing occurs using the C# NurbsSurface.CreateFromPoints function.

I understand this could be a limitation of the function, however is there any solution? (apart from recreating the surface using another loft operation?)

I’m attaching an example file.

2022-06-15 - Closed Loft (14.9 KB)

Thank you!

Hi Marco,

It happens that you had a few duplicate points coming out of the Surface Points component Points output. Verify this by using a List Item component and checking the indices around the start/end, you will see the duplicate points. The components in the group will remove these unnecessary points for this case.

Closed Loft (14.9 KB)

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Hi James,

Thank you for the answer (and sorry for the delay). You are right, there is an overlap of two rows of control points on each side of the seam.
I couldn’t find specific documentation about this but your solution works (and can be applied to different surfaces if necessary).


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