Surface twisted

I am trying to get a surface to flow along a curve using a number of section curves. I can get about 90 percent there except at the half way point the cross section curves seem to be “flipped”? The surface tries to match up the “front” of one cross section with the “back” of the next one. If I could verbalize it better I may be able to fix it. I have noodled around for quite a while and just can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks in advance

How do I attach the file???

or drag & drop?

Bench ver 5_ (26.6 KB)
Perfect thank you!!

you also need to internalize your geometries so they load without your .3dm file…
right click them in your active file and select ‘internalise data’ before uploading your file…

Thanks for your help…Let’s try thisBench ver 5_ (24.6 KB)


A couple of your curves needed to be rotated as opposed to flipped, though this might not necessarily solve your problem if your initial curves were supposed to stay the same (without rotation, then you might need to flip their planes).

Also, I wasn’t entirely sure why the telepathy plug-in is in use given you can already reference the Rhino geometry without it.

Anyway, I added a simple work-around using curve tweens (purfferfish plug-in needed) as well (highlighted in the image below) while the sweep 1 is still there also.

Hope it helps!
Bench ver 5_ 2-8-19 (1) (38.5 KB)

Thanks for the reply!! Rotation is not what I am after. However rotating the planes may indeed be the answer. Thank you for taking your time to help me, it is much appreciated.

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Bill Amaya

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you’re welcome Bill,

I think you’ll solve this easily looking into the FlipPlane component after you sort curves based on their directions

that did not solve it. I want the second pair of “Seat” curves facing opposite of the first set of “seat” curves. When you flip (rotate) them around (either the reference curve or rotate them by using the plane flip component) the surface gets all twisted up. It’s almost like the curves have a “front” assigned to them. So that all of the “fronts” connect with the same part of the surface.

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Ok, I got it figured out. What I needed to do was the adjust where the seam is located. I did it With in Rhino using CrvSeam command. There may very well have been a flip direction move in there as well. I think it could also be accomplished within GH using AlignCrvSeams component. Thanks!! I hope this helps some else in the future.

Bill Amaya

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