Surface.TryGetCone Method C# in grasshopper

hello, everyone I know very little about C# in grasshopper. How do I import this function “Surface.TryGetCone Method” in C# grasshopper? Actually, I don’t know how to use this command in rhino either. But its name looks like very much what I want to achieve. I have a double-curved surface, I need to find a cone which is very close to the surface.

Thanks very much!

private void RunScript(Surface srf, ref object A)
  Cone cone;
  srf.TryGetCone(out cone, RhinoDocument.ModelAbsoluteTolerance);
  A = cone;
} (5.6 KB)

Thanks very much, Mahdiyar, I tried the file you uploaded, it seems this command only works in a strict condition. I rebuild the reference surface, then it doesn’t work anymore. Is there a way of changing the tolerance or something like that to work for more situations?

Can you upload your surface?

TryGetCone (2).gh (10.5 KB) this one (3.2 KB)

thx very much )