Surface trrim rhino


Please I need some help with rhino.I need to draw a swimming pool.I need to have a floor and the place of the swimminpool on it.But the floor needs to have a different temperature to that of the pool.Is there a way to to do that for the surface of the pool or floor?

What do you mean by having a different temperature?

Hi Vanessa
Thanks for replying. Since I would like to create a swimming pool room. As we know if the floor has a temperature and since the swimming pool floor is on the floor it would have the same temperature.
So what i want to know is,how can i create two surface independent from each other but lie on the same place.(like 2 rectangles one bigger and one smaller representing the floor and the pool floor where since I would use Grasshopper to give a temperature to the floor and not on the pool flow)

I read we use trim or wirecut


I think we need a file or a sketch or a clearer explanation.

@Normand Thanks for replying.
I think I should not use temperature because I would deal with grasshopper.

I would like to know how I can create two surfaces on each other but independent on each other.Like if I want to change or add some stuffs on one of the surface it should not affect the other.

Hello - see the attached file - is either of those arrangements what you are looking for?

TwoSurfaces.3dm (60.1 KB)