Surface triangulation_Polygon increement in series

Hi all,

Can somebody please help me with giving a headstart on how to achieve this form using Grasshopper.
I am finding it very difficult to figure out a way to start this.

Thank you for your time in advance

So the process I could figure out is written below.

Center point moved +y and -y.
White points at zero
Pink at zero
White points + center (+y) forms triangular surfaces.
Pink points + center (-y) forms triangular surfaces
I think it becomes alternate for the next hexagon

Can somebody please guide me here.
Attached below is the gh definition.

pattern.3dm (29.7 KB) (16.5 KB)

Thank you

I suggest google reverse image search.
The picture you uploaded was posted by Stuart Fingerhut:

He even posts a link to the base script he used:

Download 3dm & ghx and open it in RH5, it has a lot of old components in it but it works (not in RH6).


Thanks a lot Daniel!
The image was a reference from someone.
I thank you for taking out time for solving this for me.