Surface Topologic inmerse

Hello, I am locked in my house by quarantine, can someone help me to know where I have the error in my function? I’ve already despaired and, according to me, everything is (29.3 KB)

strong text[|attachment](uplo

ad:// (29.3 KB)

This is similar: Complex numbers
See if it helps…

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Hello teacher, if I remember that it helped me solve the complex number equation, only in this case it only evaluates with the real numbers. it’s just that I may be wrong about something about the evaluation in (u, v) that I’m not seeing.

I will keep trying … :slight_smile:

Oh, I didn’t notice it were you again…
I totally not understand this field, but it seems you copied the formulas with recurrent errors… i’ve just edited your formulas: (24.3 KB)

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