Surface Thickness Bulk Change Issue

G’day everyone,

Changing the surface thickness of many selected surfaces at once does not work…consistently. Damn, I was going to say it doesn’t work at all, but re-testing it and it just isn’t consistent. Haven’t figured out why yet but thought you should know.



If you want anyone to comment or help, you’ll need to provide a simple example file, the steps required to reproduce the problem, and a clear description of the problem itself.

“…does not work, consistently” doesn’t give anyone anything to go on.

I don’t see the surface thickness property button or icon. How do I invoke that command?

Hi Joseph -

When you select an object, that icon will appear in the Properties panel.

Got that. Is the result only a display mesh?

That’s correct, yes.

So that sort of limits its use for what I do. I thought it would be an ‘Easy Button’ but still a tool that I should have been aware of. Thanks for the help!

When I figure out a consistent way to make this happen I’ll let you know. At this stage it does happen, but I haven’t figured out how to do so consistently. It might be something to do with the selection having different settings/values throughout, as opposed to selecting a set of fresh surfaces with no thickness settings.

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