Surface subdivsion to match mesh color

How can i get the sizes of the subdivided faces to scale according to mesh color. Lets say the white area makes surface face smaller and black makes surface face bigger. Appreciate your help.


looks like you just need to invert the values you are using now. Files always help.

Hi Michael!

Ive attached file. Thanks a lotMesh Pattern color|attachment (37.9 KB)

Mesh Pattern color (37.9 KB)

I haven’t looked into your gh but I think this is similiar to what you need (313.2 KB)

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Thanks Gijs for your reply. However, this wouldn’t work as in your case you are using image sampler to inform the size of openings. In my case, I’m trying to get the colored mesh to inform the size of the openings. I’ve attached the grasshopper file containing both the referenced colored mesh and surface.

you have to order the points of the mesh to make this work, also the UV amount of your surface patches should match the amount of vertices
Mesh Pattern color (39.7 KB)

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Check this as well.
Canvas%20at%2018%3B57%3B50Mesh Pattern color|attachment (41.3 KB)


much better :slight_smile:

thats it! thanks Gijs and HS_Kim! Lastly, is there another way i can get the result as in attached below (where i get the frames resulting from boolean difference the openings from the solid surface). When i use boolean difference, it takes a while to perform operation. another other way to get this result as attached?

yes solid difference is a last resort if you want decent performance. I’d use surface split (SrfSplit) and sort it based on largest boundingbox

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