Surface split with multiple curves creating multiple surfaces

Hi guys,

I’ve been trying to recreate the roof I made with grasshopper.

First I’ve tried to make it with the grasshopper plugin lunchbox. The problem however was that I wanted the 2d projection of the 3d hexagon holes to be the same, and lunchbox hexagon structure morphs the shapes of the hexagons.

Another approach I have been trying is projecting an off-setted hexagon grid on the surface and splitting the surface with the grid. Now the problem occurs that every curve seperately creates a surface with one hole in it, whereas I want to create one surface with multiple holes of all the curves together. Searching for this problem on multiple fora has not been fruitful so hopefully someone here can help me along

example of one of the multiple surfaces created
only roof.3dm (202.4 KB) (17.4 KB)

Hi @jessicam,

You can try flattening the projected curves before you split it.
I think the geometry you’d be looking for would be at index 0. (14.3 KB)

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You could use Surface Morph. (13.7 KB)

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This works perfectly!
Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion!