Surface Smooth Voxelization or Pixelation

Hi guys,

I am trying to oxalate a twisting surface without actually twisting panels.
Something like projecting panels from both sides of the twist with smooth transition.

I feel like there is a simple solution ?

Thank you (16.2 KB)

Something like this but smoother without obvious transition

So I managed to create a control over were the planes are, but I still don’t know how to get a smooth transition?
The reason I am doing with planes it to be able to crate an elevation. Something like an image below.

I have attached an updated file (33.4 KB)

Any ideas? Maybe using contours first and subdivide them to create stepping floor plates ?

Still cant find a way to make it look good. The transition is not smooth enough.
Not sure what to do. Maybe there is a different approach?

@HS_Kim could you please take a look, I would really appreciate your help. Thank you :wink:

Cheers (50.8 KB)