Surface problem - hole closing problem

I am new here, nice to meet you.
I’m a relatively new Rhino user, I am a design college student and we had a Rhino class this semester. Now I’m working on my exam project.
I chose a pair of Jika Tabi (japanese boots), but now I find myself in trouble with the main surface. I’m trying to make a two rail sweep but it gives me a messed up surface. Maybe it’s not the right method?
Any help on how to build the surface would be very welcome!

Thank you a lot for your replies
They have been very helpful and I got to build the main surface and the tip too! But I have another issue now. I’m left with two holes on the sides. I have tried a lot of different methods but I can’t menage to close them smoothly… do you have any idea to do that?
I’m attaching the updated file

Thank you!!brand jikatabi.3dm (987.2 KB)

Have yot tried other surface tools like networksrf or edgsrf?

Also you may want to upload your current model to get a good feedback.

Hi Andy - just looking at the images, I’d say that is a tough way to work. I can’t tell if you are attempting to make this from one operation, but that is very unlikely to work… I’d say this is a pretty hard to make cleanly, it will take some trial and error.


Hello! Thank you for your help…
I have just uploaded the 3dm file
I have tried networksrf, but the surface is not very smooth… is there a way I can fix it? Or should I try a different method altogether?

Hello and thank you a lot for replying
I’m not trying to do this in one operation, I’m just trying to build the surface whatever method may work… I have now tried networksrf and the surface is there, but it’s not smooth… do you know if is there a way I can smooth it out or should I try a different method?

Hello - it looks to me like your curves seem like guesses as to how to describe this complex shape, is that correct? It does not look to me like these curves can be used as is to get a clean shape.

At any rate, it is worth spending some time working out how to make this from multiple surfaces - and I would say this is maybe one of the harder things to make, even assuming you have good curves. For now, I think I’d look at the toe detail as something to be trimmed in afterwards - that will at least allow you to get started with a network surface if you arrange the curves right - The attached is by no means done or even close enough but it may give you an idea of how to get started.

jikatabi_PG.3dm (621.5 KB)

Thank you a lot! I’ve built the surface but now I have this holes problem…

You must try like this one : brand jikatabi.3dm (491.6 KB)