Surface parallel to the camera

Is there a possibility an Surface (for example, a tree texture)
automatically into alignment parallel to the camera.
Just as it goes well with the dot

Hi Myriel, currently there is no tool for this in Rhino. If you are willing to ask the surfaces to face the camera in a particular view as separate step in rendering , you can try the FaceCamera script on this page:


Thank you,
exactly something I was looking for

Greeting Myriel

Hey Pascal,

I’m wondering why this can’t be a persistent quality for surfaces? Dims can do it why can’t other things?

Dims text are pixels, I guess is the reason - they can be drawn any way but that does not change their orientation as objects, for example their control points do not reorient. But, something like that is (my guess only) probably the way to do this- images that are not on 3d planes but just pixels displayed always facing the screen. No idea how easy or hard that is or how occlusion would be handled… I’ll stop making things up now.


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