Surface optimzation

So I am trying to see if there is a way to optimize a surface. Side note I am only dealing with planer surfaces.

So if you have the surface in the middle, which was built and trimmed from the curves on the left, and run the ShrinkTrimmedSrf command you get the surface in the middle. Which is looks like it shrunk it based on the UV of the surface which works but isn’t most optimized surface for those set of edge curves. Is there a way to get to the surface on the right. (which you can do by dupdober, planersrf)?

Side question is there a way to re-orient the uv of a surface.

Hi Dennis- try: DupBorder and PlanarSrf from the results. If you need all the attributes (layer, color, etc) of the original in the new surface, I guess you’ll need a script.