Surface Morph lattice

I have a 3D lattice that I am trying to morph onto a surface whilst keeping the lattice, ‘homogenous’ and keep the dimensions of the lattice very similar to each other with little distortion. The srfmorph that I made has changed the dimensions of the lattice.

Below is the 3D lattice ive generated.

This is the catenary surface i want to morph the lattice around.

This is the srfmorph generated, each node is different - I want to keep the lattice as close to the original as i can.

catenary (20.1 KB) (21.5 KB)
rebuild thicker (14.7 KB)

The GH files above are the surface, the original lattice and the srfmorph function I used.

If you morph the curve network before turning it into pipes it should give you more uniform thickness than piping then morphing the pipe surfaces.

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Thanks Daniel, this was very helpful.

This method kept the same dimension for the network.

However, there was an issue I faced, some struts connected differently to others. Is there a setting in the multipipe that I can change to fix this?

As you can see some struts are smooth and some are deformed.

Can you post the file with those curves internalised?

Catenary lattice.3dm (129.7 KB)
Catenary (14.4 KB)

The files are the catenary curve network and the grasshopper multipipe function.

Ah, those strange bulges are because ‘StrutSize’ was set to 0.5.
This means the struts were half the thickness of the nodes.
Changing this and the Offset setting gives this before and after

Catenary (10.8 KB)

See this post for some more info on the Multipipe settings:


I changed the endoffset to more than 1 and the bulges immediately smoothed out. Thank you.

And a lot faster process in that order.