Surface modelling help


I am new at Rhino and i want complete a surface in my model and i need help.

I want to complete the roof of the model in a smooth way and the edges should lie on the red and yellow lines. The red lines are also the curve of the roof, and it should be smooth in the middle. I have tried some ways but i do not want to say them yet.

Can somebody help me to complete this model?

the simplest approach would be to use patch, you have to play with the stiffness, too stiff it will not join up, too soft it will warp up so you try. otherwise you have to break up the center into a triangle for example and create 3 rectangular surfaces joining up in the center which you can also match to continuity if thats what you need. there are a few methods to do so, best you try all of them :wink:

the following video and links provide a bit insight into this. if you cant get further just drag and drop your file into the reply field and somebody will surly help you further.

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Attach, please, the file

Hej Mikail,

there was a similar issue yesterday so take a look; a file of a typical solution is included. You and Toshiaki can team up ; )


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Thanks you, I did it, the methods in the video helped.

I realized that I need more practical experience, in this model was it dividing as simple as possible.