Surface matching wish

I’m doing some manual single span blends (instead of fillets) between surfaces and have a wish that would make life much easier.

I’ll try to explain in both words and pictures below:-

  1. I build up my single span patches between the surfaces to be ‘filleted’ and am happy that the control points are nice and equally spaced - image below…

  2. I then match the surface edges of the patch for curvature. This seems to bunch the control points to either end leaving a much flatter portion in the middle - image below…

  3. What I’d prefer to have is a surface that has much more equal control point distribution after matching. I’m guessing this would require a big re-write of the match command though as you’d probably have to pre-select the two surfaces to match between first, so that an equal distribution could be calculated. The current way of doing each side separately probably wouldn’t allow for this kind of calculation to be made? - image below…

Or have I missed an easier way to do this?



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Hi Rob - a couple of things come to mind that you can try -

  • EndBulge on the surface lets you adjust the spacing - probably the simplest here.
  • MatchSrf with History one and move the rows of points out - double-click on a control polygon to get the row and slide it with MoveUVN (Control polygon setting ) or with DragMode set to ControlPolygon.


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Thanks Pascal, completely forgot about endbulge. Will give that one a try and see how I get on.

I’ve been doing it like you say with moveUVN (except without history - will give that a go too) but find it a bit of a faff to get a whole row of these patches shifted by the same amount with moveUVN.

I’ll report back…


EndBulge makes this task much easier, many thanks!

However, couldn’t get the history to work with the curvature matching. Also, with the DragMode, I needed the ‘extensions’ option (which was missing) rather than control polygon or uvn.

Hi Rob - I think History works in MatchSrf for only one edge at a time -I’ll check - but it should work. DragMode > ControlPolygon in V6 requires that you use tab direction lock to track along extensions - it actually works quite well once you get the idea, and the whole thing is a lot less fiddly than in V5, which had tracking lines boinging all over the place.


Ah, ok. Will take a look at both those points.

Also just re-discovered the MultiMatch option, I wonder if that could get a ‘redistribute control points evenly’ option? =)

Hi Rob - another thing you can do is select all the interior points and use the Smooth slider in MoveUVN in the relevant direction to distribute the points more evenly, then MatchSrf.


Tried the history with matching one edge and the tab direction lock, works quite nicely, thanks. Will have to test this and the endBulge command to see which one is quicker to use.

Had a go with the smooth slider - but after a match it just returns the points back to about where they were on the original flat unmatched surface. A subsequent match put them ever so slightly more evenly matched but not by much.

I think endBulge or manually dragging with the tab lock thingy is going to be the best way for the mo.

Thanks for the help!

Hi Rob - the key is to move the tangent row points out from the edge - so with MoveUVN > Smoothing , you need to select all the interior points (i.e.all but the edge points). If you only change the middle two rows then yes, they will pop back on MatchSrf.


Hmm…that smoothing thing wasn’t working for me. Not to worry though, EndBulge is now my new favourite command!