Surface matching and 3D painting


I used to create 3d models all in rhino then use Moi3D to mesh it nicely and then export to Cinema 4D where I would use Bodypaint 3D to UVW unwrap and paint then export my outline to Photoshop and do my paintschemes. I really love Bodypaint and Photoshop seamless integration.

I m using now Rhino5’s UVW features and decals. However I would like if possible to know how once I made a paint scheme of my model in either Illustrator or Photoshop to have the mapping assigned exactly on my 3D surface as seen in my 2D Photoshop paint scheme. Whenever I apply a flat mapping I have to map it so that it matches my intended 2D paint scheme ( hope it s clear enough ). In Cinema 4D I know that whatever painting I did on Photoshop it ll match exactly as I want, no need to reposition my mapping coordinates , automatically, my 3 D surface. Also it would be nice to incorporate 3D painting on nurbs surfaces.

Another thing, how about having for our 3D geometries a window where I can scale, rotate and move my 3D object whithin my 3D environment ( please see Cinema 4D 's environment ). If you don t understand I can show you, just let me know.


Hi Alexandre,

Thanks for the feedback. 3D painting is a filed feature request (RH-8954) but the report is not publicly visible at the moment. That is planned though and in the meantime, I’ll add this thread to that request.

Do you mean scale and rotate the environment background image to fit the size of your model? You can currently adjust azimuth and altitude in the environment editor panel but scaling is not supported. The best you can do is adjust the camera lens length or use an actual sphere texture mapped with an HDRI and scale that. The render plugin you use will also play a part here in the options you’ll have. If you can explain more about this part of your post and add some screen shots I’ll file a feature request.

Hi Brian,

What I mean by that is let s say I have an airplane I want to position at a certain angle and give it a pitch of 4 degrees nose up and a banking angle of 15 degrees. What I do in Rhino is select my airplane and use the rotate tool to give the angle and pitch desired. However I would like to see if I selected the whole airplane and there s a window in the properties window giving X, Y,Z coordinate, X,Y,Z Scale and X,Y,Z rotation ( a bit like what we see for the camera placements in the properties window ). In Cinema 4D I fond this tool very useful.

That way once I select my object I can give the exact rotation and pitch to set up my model for camera 1, give another banking angle and pitch for another render shot and finally reset my model as 0 degrees in X,Y,Z to have it back t it s original position. All this without using the rotate tool. Just putting this as values. Easier to manipulate the model that way.

Let me know if it s clear, if not I ll Photoshop to illustrate the concept.



I understand better now, thanks for explaining more. Try the command BoxEdit which will bring up a new Panel with translation and rotation controls for one or more objects. It’s not a modifier that can be deleted to revert back to the original orientation but there is a copy option.

Does that help?