Surface just renders on one side

Hello everybody,

I have a problem rendering (with vray for Rhino) a Surface (it actually is a tspline surface). I applied a transparent material, that is supposed to reflect the lights in the scene.
Now one side of the surface is acting like I expected it to do. The other side however looks realy flat and does not show any reflections at all.
My question is now, how can I make the both sides act the same way?

Can you share the model?

check if it is checked “double sided” under advanced option tab.

Thanks for your reply Andrea.
The option ‘double sided’ was enabled.

I found something called ‘two sided material’ on the chaos group website. But I can not find these options in vray :confused:|+Mtl2Sided

Two sided is a material type

My advice is to give some thickness to your srf, because refraction cant work in a non solid object.

the alternative is to fake the refraction, and using opacity instead…

Ahh … Thank you very much.
This will work for me.