Surface just renders on one side


(FP) #1

Hello everybody,

I have a problem rendering (with vray for Rhino) a Surface (it actually is a tspline surface). I applied a transparent material, that is supposed to reflect the lights in the scene.
Now one side of the surface is acting like I expected it to do. The other side however looks realy flat and does not show any reflections at all.
My question is now, how can I make the both sides act the same way?

(Andrea Montis) #2

Can you share the model?

check if it is checked “double sided” under advanced option tab.

(FP) #3

Thanks for your reply Andrea.
The option ‘double sided’ was enabled.

I found something called ‘two sided material’ on the chaos group website. But I can not find these options in vray :confused:|+Mtl2Sided

(Andrea Montis) #4

Two sided is a material type

My advice is to give some thickness to your srf, because refraction cant work in a non solid object.

the alternative is to fake the refraction, and using opacity instead…

(FP) #5

Ahh … Thank you very much.
This will work for me.