Surface join issue

Before join the surface, the surfaces look smooth, but after join, the surfaces seem not connect smoothly. Any advice? Thank you.
join issue.3dm (701.6 KB)

Hello - please try DivideAlongCreases >SplitAtTangents=Yes on all these surfaces. Then, adjust the analysis mesh something like this:

That should look better. The issue is, surfaces that are internally less that curvature continuous are sometimes difficult to mesh cleanly - splitting them into individual but joined faces is better for meshing and some other operations as well.

In addition some of your surfaces could be a lot cleaner:

I would replace this planat surface with a trimmed plane (PlanarSrf command) and avoid having the pinched in points at the tip:

@hungwai.lim - I would still try to model a little more cleanly - for instance here, the messy surfaces have curvature at ‘A’ more like the neighboring surfaces 1 and 2

I would make it so that the surfaces follow the logic of the curvature in your design

join issue_PG.3dm (283.0 KB)


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I use the EdgeSrf to create that surface, before that I tried NetworkSrf but still not good.
What is PanarSrf command? I got Unknown command when I type that.

The rendering of the joined surface is not good

Edit: DivideAlongCreases fixed the issue. Many thanks!

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Hi -

That was meant to be PlanarSrf.


@pascal Wow how did you fixed the curvature at ‘A’? The tip profile is tangent at ‘A’, I use Sweep1 to create that tip surface.

Edit: Cannot figure out the steps, could you share the steps and commands? Thank you.

Edit: While trying to “reverse-engineer” the file, I found there are naked edges

Are you build the surfaces with the guide curve in layer “profile”? Or ExtractWireFrame from the original surfaces and then build each surface individually?
Is it correct to use MatchSrf to get the curvature of the surfaces?
Thank you.