Surface is not on the edge

Hello! I am creating a surface from a closed polyline with extrude curve and the surface that is created is not on the edges but someway floating itself. Some surfaces are not even visible…
Thank you in advance

Have you imported a drawing from another program? Where is your model in relation to the origin (0,0,0)? Sometimes when objects are very far away from the origin, the meshing of models can get messed up.

The drawing is made in autocad. I always import drawings from autocad and nothing like that ever occurrs…

And just to check, where is your model in relation to the origin?

i don’t know. It is not visible…

Draw a point at 0,0,0 and then run _ZoomExtents, or upload part of your model for us to check.

I think it’s about 4 km away

My recommendation would be to move the model closer to 0,0,0 and see if that helps at all.

Yes I moved it and everything is fixed! Thank you very much for your help!!!

In addition to @fraguada 's wise advice: