Surface intersection error when using BooleanUnion

I have a Grasshopper script that uses IntraLattice to build custom lattices. When I use Boolean Union on lattices smaller than 5x5x4 repeats it generally works without an issue, however, when I increase the number of cell repeats (therefore increasing the number of polysurfaces) the BoolenUnion fails and I get the text dot “Surface intersection error”. Any ideas on how to resolve this? BC cubic 5x5x4 CS=5 R=0.5 (forum).3dm (12.1 MB)

Hello - I’d do the Union in small chunks - the location that shows a failure works if you just union the bits that converge there.


Hello Pascal,
Thanks for replying. I have also tried doing this- I did the union in 6 chunks but it still failed at the very end when i tried to union the last two chunks together