Surface incorrect_help (wrinkles)

Hi all,
Please find attached a file in which you will see an incorrect wingtip surface with some wrinkles… Could you please help me to solve the problem?

Many thanks.

Elevator.3dm (6.8 MB)

How did you create the tip?

Explode the elevator polysurface. Then run RemovemultiKnot on those surfaces.

Hi David,
The wingtip surface was created with Sweep2, taking the 2 rails and for the cross-curves, I took the tip airfoil plus the point at the very end.

I’ll try what stratosfear says… any other ideas?

Amazing… the result was excellent.

Thanks so much for your reply and time.

You’re welcome. I’d run it again over all your surfaces.

Hi again…
The same thing (wrinkles) is happening again in another surface, which I cannot fix with the RemovemultiKnot command (I have exploded it before).

Please find the file attached to see if you can help to solve it; I have done the surface with Sweep2, and it appears a big “wrinkle” between the wing and the winglet surface.

Many thanks in advance,

Winglet.3dm (7.8 MB)

I don’t have an easy fix for this. I’d use Surface Edit Split at isocurves with shrink on. To split out the wrinkled section. Then use Surface blend Curvature to replace that area on all the surfaces.

at exact this point of your input curve you have a G0 continuity. you most likely will avoid the kink in the surface if you clean that up before. you could try cutting some part of from both sides of this joint, then use blend curve, then maybe match to merge the curves into one continuous. but even just getting rid anyhow of that G0 might help already.