SURFACE hyperbolic?

hyperbolic.3dm (64.7 KB)

Hi Guys
want to create something like the attached image, but dont know how it is done?
I have also my model which I created a surface by networking but this is different.
Thank you

thats not an hyperbolic bc it has five edges

is that your file? what exactly do you want to know?

if thats your file you have the solution just finish it - close it up to a cube join the surfaces together make the command contour chose a spacing a direction and process the rest, something like every second contour line. or sweep every second line with a square… sorry if i have seem to misunderstand you.

Thank you Richard, no indeed the point is that in my model I have used NETwork surface command for the four curves but in the image as you see the surface has five edges lofted together , my problem is the point how to create surface from five curve?(the surface is something semi hyperbolic)


Use loft and rebuild… increase the number until you get the smoothness you require:


i believe it is just a regular hypar surface which you created already or with loft as andy describes or faster with a surface from 4 points which was later redimensioned and placed manually or randomly to get an interesting shape and retrimmed. that means its just blown up and placed at an interesting spot and everything else sticking out of the box cut away.

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organiccube1.pdf (898.2 KB)
see my model vs the image , i have marked it in both , thats where is my question

thank youøren-korsgaard/

It helps to see it from another angle… It’s fairly easy to build… It’s made with straight lines so that should answer all your questions.


PS. If you didn’t know, click on the camera on Google image search and you can do a reverse image search:

thank you , hope I can figure that out
( thank you also for search engine option, didnt know about that)

I think it is just a helix with straight edges. Like a sub-section of a Rotini.

Not perfect, but see sample.Rotini.3dm (7.8 MB)

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thank you Seant its exactly what I am looking for. did you just draw the lines and lofted them?am I right or …

Thank you!

I laid out the lines first, scaled each line from it’s start point connection at that hypotenuse, then split them with a cylinder aligned with that hypotenuse. I ‘Swept Two Rails’ that, but then trimmed the resultant surface back to the cube.

Show the control points of the surface to see a general outline of the non-trimmed surface.

Thank you for the explanation, very interesting smart solution, just I think I didnt get that part(split them with a cylinder aligned with that hypotenuse) i redo it myself to find out. thank you!