Surface from points with fading hills

hello, I’m trying to manipulate a surface with slope - creating a stripe of random hills, fading into the surface. I’ve succeeded to move the points according to the boundary of the stripe, but the command “SURFACE FROM POINTS” couldn’t make the surface, writing the massage:" 1. The UCount value is not valid for this amount of points."

I tried to activate flatten or change the number of points in U direction, but got the same result.

How can I create the surface?

surface (12.2 KB)

surface hills.3dm (287.8 KB)

Surface From Points wants 529 points in a single branch (flatten will do in this case) but a flattened list of your points no longer have their original sequence due to the way you dispatched and moved them. So the surface is a mess.

P.S. The white group (below) implements one (slightly flawed) way (of many) to fix the sequence of points.

surface (152.7 KB)

P.P.S. It would be better to move selective points in Z without losing their original grid sequence.

Like this:

surface (197.9 KB)

P.P.P.S. This is better because it’s simpler, using multiply by Boolean (0 or 1) on the random Z value.

surface (196.0 KB)

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