Surface flow

Hey guys,
how can I model this particular part of the pen cap?


I tried different things, but I am not sure how to do it correctly or in the simplest way…
Mine has this bump…

stiftkappe.3dm (433.5 KB)


Hi Paul - I am not sure wherre you don’t like it but perhaps something like this is what you have in mind?


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Hey Pascal,
Thanks, I wasn’t quite sure if I had it right… Seems to be ok, I had a similar result beforehand but wasn’t sure if it’s best practice. May I ask if it is fillet Edge you used there? How did you get the blend to the end of the cap?


Hi Paul - I was not super careful here, just suggesting a general approach and layout, but something like this:

The blends and isocurves are for trimming out the gap to fill with the Sweep2


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