Surface fillet

Hi, I’d like to fillet two surfaces with constant radius.

So far I’ve been able to work successfully with Blend Surfaces.
What I don’t like about it is that it isn’t strictly a radius blend… and I get a small defect, on the blend close to the symmetry axis (I know I can solve it with control points…).

Do you see a better solution? The fillet should have curvature continuity.

1129_raccordo blend.3dm (626.8 KB)

You could try sweep2 with couple of cross section to get the surface the way you like.
Use maintain height option.

Other thing is it seems the main surface is not matching each other at a tangent, so that seems to causing the dent with blendsrf.

If that surface is fix blendsrf would produce ok results.

Hi Paolo - try:

UntrimBorder on both.
ExtendSrf, Smooth, the lower one by a factor of 20 or so and then FilletSrf at 4. However, it is not possible to extend the lower surface enough right where it comes to a point for a radius 4 fillet to fit, so either re-create that surface to extend a bit farther or use a larger radius on the fillet.


A fillet has a circular cross-section, which means that the curvature normal to the edge is constant. Therefore a fillet cannot be curvature continuous with the adjacent surfaces (unless the curvature normal to the edge matches the surface).

Toshiaki, I’m trying to rebuild the lower surface that looks like to be the problem, and use - as you suggest - Sweep2.


Thanks Pascal, I’ll give it a try !