Surface fill help

I started to create these glasses on Rhino, Which i have never used before so I watched some tutorials however i cant seem to find anything that helps. How to i make the whole frame show up when rendered? Also how do i then start to indent and form the glasses?

The whole thing isn’t showing up because you only have two open polysurface instead of one closed one. You can select the entire thing and run cap or planarsrf to close it. And in the future when you run extrudeCrv, make sure you have change solid to yes.

It looks to me like you so far have only 3 surfaces: the outer boundary of the frame and 2 lens cutout boundaries. If I understand your question correctly, you want to have the frame display as a solid. To do that, you need to make a solid. I would start by creating 2 additional surfaces from the front and rear edges of the frame body. I would then trim these surfaces with the lens cutout boundary surfaces. This should leave you with two additional surfaces, one on the front and one on the back, that close the gap between the outer boundary and the lens cutout boundaries. I would then join all 5 surfaces to make a solid.

Once you get a polysurface, try CageEdit to form them. I would split in the middle, delete one half, turn History recording on, Mirror to restore the missing half, then just CageEdit the first half and let History update take care of the mirror. Make a copy of both halves and join them, leave the original parts unjoined as that will break the history. That way you may return to the original parts and further tweak the form if later changes are desired.