Surface Errors


I’m in the middle of creating a polysurface for export to Revit via .sat. However, The corner surfaces are creating a bit of an issue. As you can see in the attached images, these surfaces display normally when viewed perpendicularly, but reveal a sort of saddle shape when viewed from the edge. However, The surface contours as would be expected (all arcs) and a medium density mesh created from the surface also appears as expected. This happens regardless of if the corner surfaces are joined to the others or not. Changing the render mesh settings doesn’t change anything.

These surfaces are created from a loft in Grasshopper, but the corners always have to be rebuilt by sweeping arcs along the tangent surfaces. The polysrf won’t close with the geometry that is baked from the script.

Any help would be appreciated.

Iso.pdf (78.5 KB) Iso_mesh_srf.pdf (44.1 KB) contour.pdf (79.6 KB)

Hard to know what the problem is without having at least the Rhino file to test and even better the GH definition (at least the part of it) that created the surfaces…


I’ve attached a .3dm with the offending mass in it. The gh definition is a mess, or I’d upload that too. But at this point, the surfaces that I’m dealing with have already been replaced with ones made in rhino via Sweep2 command.

66_help.3dm (673.2 KB)

On second thought, I attached the files that I’m working on here. The problem seems to be pervasive, from taking contours of the original polysrf (which came from Revit via dwg import) through to the loft in the gh definition. It’s slightly over the limit, hence the google drive link.


Thanks again!

Well, no way to tell what’s wrong from that file, as its already been fixed…

No, the problem is still there, it’s just a different surface than the one that came from gh. That file is the one the screenshots came from.

Well there is no problem with your 66_help file I can see, it’s a solid closed polysurface. And I don’t know what I’m supposed to be looking for in your other file as the GH definition doesn’t seem to be complete to the loft part…