"Surface edges" checkbox in Display panel

What does this actually correspond to in the display option? I must be blind, but I can’t find the surface edges on or off control in there…


The Surface Edge settings just below the rows of check boxes under the Visibility heading?

Yes, but there is only a setting for thickness and color reduction. I know that setting the thickness to 0 turns edges off, but the checkbox in the display panel doesn’t actually do that… --Mitch

I don’t usually use the display panel but now checked briefly - probably too briefly because I didn’t really see a difference between setting the thickness to 0 in my mode and unchecking the checkbox in the display panel. I’m sure there is something I’m not seeing.

There is no difference. Simply that unchecking “show edges” does not actually set the edge thickness to 0 in the display mode… My point here is that checkbox does not appear to have an equivalent in the display mode panel - so it appears to be doing something “hidden”… --Mitch

That’s true, but consider the alternative: if the real purpose of the display mode setting is to provide a quick “on-off” choice, and it also set the thickness to zero, how would it remember the desired “on” thickness for when the user turns the edges back on?

Another one of those less-than-desirable peculiarities that should probably be documented in the help for both options.

I’m just thinking that it should have the corresponding checkbox in the display mode settings via options. --Mitch

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