Surface Edge Issue


How would I go about to get rid of this vertical line?

I made a rectangle with filleted edges, extruded it, and applied hexagon cells (from lunch box) onto the surface.

I am guessing the vertical line showing is the edge of the extruded surface. Is there a way to make this surface continuous without a break or would I need to sort the list and remove them manually?

Thank you!

Hexagon Rectangle (23.5 KB) Hexagon Rectangle.3dm (43.1 KB)

Sort and remove. You cannot get rid of the seam line of a surface closed like that.

I have solved this issue in ngon plugin for single surfaces and multiple breps. I have used some graph methods, to make it faster than the slow distance searches.


Hi Petras, Do you have a version for Rhino 5 please? Thank you in advance :slight_smile: