Surface Edge ID


I would like to store the selected surface ID and after a modification of the surface I would like to call it back.
Is it possible somehow?

Hello - hm. It depends on what you want to do - I’m not sure I understand how the subject and the question relate but, top level objects in the Rhino document have GUIDs. You can store these on a variable in your script, (is I guess, the context here) But sub-objects like faces and edges do not have Ids, they have indices that are part of the parent Brep. So I guess a little more detail would be useful here…


Hi Pascal,

Thank you for the help. I understand so far. Is it possible to store the GUID and index number and than Select or Get the SubObject later on by the given GUID and Index number?

Hello - what is the context of your question? Is it a script, or C++ or?


Thank you! I thought, this question left abandoned.

It is C# - RhinoCommon.

Hello - I am not a C#-ista, I’m afraid, so I can’t really make you an example, but in RhinoCommon, you can certainly keep track of the edges or faces of a brep by index - you can hold onto the brep itself as an object or find it when you need it via the GUID.




if a python example will do, I can make something up…