Surface division with lines

I want to get surfaces by dividing the main surfece with the specified lines.
My question is why the order of created small surfaces differs from the order of the lines creation?


split surface .gh (16.4 KB)

split (15.0 KB)


split (15.7 KB)

Thanks @Joseph_Oster for you quick help.

One question remains, why the oder of the generated surfaces differs from the order of the input lines?

What makes you think there is any correlation between splitter curves and surface results?

Simply just taking the 1st line item (0)-(0), making the cut, the 2nd item (1)-(0), 3rd (2)-(0), and so on… :slight_smile:
Line items 0-4
Surface item 0
Combination of listes: items from 0 to 4 combined with item 0. :upside_down_face:

Have you searched the forum, seems you’re not alone:

Your example is an extremely limited and predictable case. It falls apart in a more general case.

Hmm, thanks, I have to search more carefully.