Surface disappears when using environment map

Hello all,

My apologies if this is an obvious one but I seem to be having an issue with a surface that goes invisible the moment I turn on the environment map. Anybody have an idea what this could be?

Hi @pocbase1
Without seeing the file, my best guess is that the analysis mesh is somehow bad. Rhino uses a separate mesh for the analysis features, and you could try to click the “Adjust mesh” button in the Emap options dialog box and change the settings (which could also give you a better looking emap view) and see if that helps. The Rhino mesher sometime does weird things. My standard settings for the analysis mesh is to put 0 in all fields except for “Max distance, edge to srf”, which is set to 0.01 (that’s for working on small and medium sized obejcts in mm) and that usually works. If it’s still invisible, try to explode the polysurface, and see if any of the surfaces will shade when not part of a polysurface. Or post the offending geometry.
HTH, Jakob

Thank you for the quick reply Jakob

Ok yes exploding works. I think it stemmed from fixing naked edges which going back on the tutorial was not necessary for these purposes… I think I created a bunch more problems though from doing that. Ah well the joys of learning…

Geometry included here just for your reference; I will spend a bit more time trying to figure it out before posting next time.


DatsunTutorialPoc_OffendingGeometry_18112021.3dm (9.5 MB)