Surface direction for extrusion randomly assigned?

I’m making something like a miniBIM for building with straw panels.
User draws lines for walls and windows, and define specs for measurements, like height, etc
one of the problem I’m having is working with this line.
Right now im trying to extrude panels for make them the proper thick, but i can’t manage how to obtain the proper direction.
Here is the image some panels that orients wrongly, and i dont know how to tell them to look inside of the building.

The code is within a violet colour group if you want to look at it
find the toggle button circled and signed with an arrow to bake the geometry.
constructor con (214.4 KB)

You can determine centroids of panels with Area component.
Find Surface closest points to them.
Evaluate surface at given UV coordinates and use output normals as extrusion direction.
This should work or at least point you to solution.

Thanks for the reply
I got to analyse the normals, and get that some of them are wrong.
but no clue how to make them to all point inwards the building

I’m uploading the file in the first post. if someone wants to check.
it’s really dirty file, sorry, the place where the problem is, is the group in violet colour.

Please upload the file with internalised geometry.

Yes, i uploaded the 3dm file becouse its getting the geometry from a human pipeline plugin, from different layers, and it doesnt have the option to internalize data.

I’m updating the file with a toggle button to bake the geometry, there are only a few lines in three layers.
But those are referenced in millions of places, so i think this is the easiest way.
just marked with a circle and arrow where is the toggle button, and a circle where are the panels.

constructor con (210.9 KB)

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@jlgrobe Related post?

Oh wow, nice, it wasn’t simple. Never had came to that solution by myself!
Thanks a lot!

Yes, me again strugling with every single step of my project.

No need to multiple post .>>review

Diferent problem, different solution, different posting.
Maybe the image is similar becouse it’s within the same project.
One tries to erase duplicate geometry
Other tries to flip surfaces in a common but not simple direction.