Surface deformed by volumes pushing through it

Hi guys, I’m an architecture student and I have just started studying grasshopper and doing some experiment.
I’d like to try to replicate what you can see in the image attached: some volumes (in this case some spheres) pushing through a stretched sheet deforming it.
Is it possible to recreate something like that with Grasshopper?
Which components could I try to use?
Thanks everyone for your help

There is a better method i think with force but i don’t remember (11.0 KB)

Maybe using mesh is better: (16.8 KB)


Thanks for your quick answer and for the examples!
Later tonight I’ll download them and begin to study.
Just a quick question: I’ll need to use only spheres, in different diameters, with smooth surfaces and so I’ll need to have also the distortion on the surface to be smooth.
Here I see that the distorsion is “pixelated” and not smooth: would it be possible to have it as smooth as possible?
Thanks again

Download the example and try ; if you use mesh you can smooth it .
And wait maybe you will find better solutions from other people

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Thanks again.
I have downloaded them and I’ll try to see how they work