Surface creation - partial edge selection

It’d be a great time saver if we could select a partial edge/curve when making surfaces using Surface from 2, 3, 4 edges and Sweeps. Currently, you have to split the edge first which adds to the operation, and also doesn’t work if the surface has history on it!
Often you may only want to build from a portion of an existing edge so a handle to slide along the edge which you can snap/eyeball to a location along it - like you can already do with Blend srf!

Is this going to be possible?


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Hi sach - in the V6/Beta, using the new nestable SubCrv selection tool works for this. The caveat is that so far at least, sub-edge are treated as curves and not surface edges - i.e. no continuity options in Sweep2 or NetworkSrf, for example.


Hi Pascal

Thanks. I tried SubCrv, but was thinking of an interactive method within the surface creation tool - blendsrf already has it.

Is there anything in the pipeline for this?


Hi Sach - not that I know of- I see where you’re headed though, I think,- handles along all input curves to allow the user to adjust how much of each is used, correct?



Exactly, yes.