Surface by orientation + tolerance

i am trying to find all surfaces facing one direction +/- 45° or so

grouping them + make2d
using this for a town model for later on hatching/shading facades in different tones of shade.
this would be my goal id like to achieve:

make2d with hatches

tried a gh file made by HS_Kim - thank you!
(Select surface from unioned brep)
…and tried to “adapt” it to my purposes by giving the vectors a domain
but since a vector has one oneway direction and not an infinite number or an area as direction, this didnt work out the way i hoped.

i hope, you have any idea or different method to achive my goal
thank you all, blind apple (19.9 KB)

Does this help? (13.3 KB)

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@HS_Kim @Joseph_Oster
thank you both for fast reply!

both ways are perfect for my useage!
thanks a lot - i am qite new to gh and can learn a lot from you guys! thanks!