Surface and profile

i am trying to put a T profile on a surface (sea attached file)
the base of the T have to touch the surface and normale to surface

what it the easy way to archive that

thank you

FORUM.3dm (363.6 KB)

Here’s one way:

First, place the profile at the origin, then set copies onto the surface in the correct location:

One way:

  1. Fin the path curves (Surface menu > Extrude curve > Normal to surface)
  2. SetCPlane on the end of a path curve,(CPLane > Curve) then CPlane Rotate Z to align the plane as needed, or use Rotate with the mapped profile after the next step to get it aligned.
  3. RemapCPlane Copy=Yes from Top to this custom plane.

Then, use Sweep1, with the edge of the Fin surface, not the path curve, as the rail and set Style to’Align with surface’.

FORUM_PG.3dm (152.6 KB)