Surf Fin : How to create the last surface with G1 or G2 continuity?

Hi everyone !

This is my first message here (even if I red a lot of yours topics before, thanks for that btw).

It’s been a few days I try to generate a surf fin on GH but I cannot find how to finish it …
I have some troubles to create the last surface (the one missing on the image below) because I would like a nice and smooth continuity (G1 or G2) between all the surfaces.


I tried two differents methodes :

  • Working with Mesh and then using SubD tools because I know SubD smooth Mesh faces making sure curvature continuity (tell me if I’m wrong). The main problem with this method is that is hard to respect precisely my fin profils (witch are importants because they come from Joukovsky points, for best fluid comportement).

  • “Classic” surfacique method (using same logic as we use for product design on NX or SW software). My problem is that I cannot generate the extremity surface with tangency or curvature continuity between this one and the ones previously created.

I tried a lot of tools like Network Surface, Patch, Sweep 1 or 2, Loft, Boundary Surface etc. but no one seems to take care of neighboring surfaces to build in tangency (G1) or curvature (G2) continuity … The result is never smooth :


I think one of the idea to explore is to work with 4, and not 3, egdes to constrain to the maximun this (or theses) surface(s). Like this :

I drop the 3dm of the existing surfaces and curves. If someone can try to create the missing surface G1 or G2 continu with her neighboors and explain me his method it would be awesome !
Or maybe just an idea to explore … ?

FinSurface27.3dm (178.8 KB)
FinCurve27.3dm (27.9 KB)

Thanks in advance for your time, let me know if you need something more !

Antoine (89.6 KB)

Your brep is internalized, no need for Rhino files.

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