Supress Licence Manager pop-up

Every time I load Rhino I get this pop-up because I checked out a licence. The problem is that during development you are restarting Rhino multiple times, and if you don’t interact with this window Rhino is not loading up, slowing me down. Also sometime this gets hidden behind other windows and is not showing up on the taskbar. Is there a way to toggle this “announcement” off from the Rhino settings?


Are you on a reliably online network? Any chance your connection is getting interrupted? It appears your license lease is not getting reliably updated which would trigger this response.

Hey there this has nothing to do with the network connection. This is the designed behaviour of Rhino. if you checkout a licence there will be a pop up that says so every time you launched rhino.

Ah, of course. I can see how this would be annoying. No, there’s not a good way to do this - however you could checkin your license and check it back out so that your checkout period is longer than a week. Then, this message will disappear.

Hmmm I see… I think my company has reduced the max time for checking out a licence to 7 days, so in my case I never have a grace period. Is it possible for the user to configure this warning, on future releases of Rhino, so it comes up 1-2 days before the licence expires?

Sorry, no, there is no configuration option for this.

– Dale